A synchronic analysis of the phonological Processes of the Gikuyu vowel system

Our study covers the phonological processes that involve vowels III Gikiiyii using the natural generative phonology framework. Chapter one has the research proposal which constitutes the background to the language under study, the statement or the pro blcm, the objectives, the hypotheses. relevant literature review, the theoretical framework, rationule for the study and the methodology which was used in the elicitation of the data. Chapter two dwells 011 the background to G1kGyG phonology and morphology. We have discussed aspects of Gikilyii phonology and morphology that are relevant to the discussion on the phonological processes.Chapter three looks at the processes ofvowel coalescence, vowel harmon)', nasalization, vowel deletion and lengthening. We have formulated and formalized rules fur each or the processes. Chapter four looks at the phouologicul processes involving loan words in Gikiiyil. We have discussed the processes or prothesis. paragogc. anatuptyxis and vowel substitution.Chapter five summarizes our findings in view of the objectives set and hypotheses made at the beginning of the study.