Relationship Between Credit Risk Management Practices And Financial Performance Of Deposit Taking Savings And Credit Co-Operative Societies In Kenya.

In the SACCO subsector the subject of credit risk administration cannot be underestimated due to the observed levels of loan default resulting from the mode of doing business which solely relies on guarantor ship as security for loans granted. This study was undertaken with the objective of establishing whether there exists a relationship between credit risk management practices and financial performance of deposit taking savings and credit co-operative societies in Kenya.

The Role of International Financial Institutions in Africa’s Development: a Case Study of the African Development Bank

Africa‘s development, despite having billions injected into its advancement still remains at best gradual. Poverty levels still remain relatively high as compared to other parts of the globe hampering socio-economic growth in the continent. The interplay between economic and non-economic factors are vital in understanding the dynamics of socio-economic development. The latter justifies the inefficiencies of conditional loans imposed by IFI‘s as history depicts these organizations as lacking knowledge of the environments in which they distribute their loans.

The impact of interest rates on the development and growth of the capital market in Kenya

Studies on the relationship between interest rates and their effects on various sectors of the economy have most often concentrated on the banking sector and to a lesser extent reach out on borrowing of the non-bank sectors, generally leaving the development of the capital markets out as a third crucial wellspring of outside fund, venture and a specialist of financial development. The capital markets assume critical parts in the financial development of a nation.

The Effects of Credit Reference Bureaus on the Cost of Credit Among Commercial Banks in Kenya

Credit risk management has always been a central issue in successful commercial bank management. Loan delinquencies arise due to debt default. The study sought to determine effects of CRB firms on the cost of credit among commercial banks in Kenya. This study adopted longitudinal design which is one in which multiple observations are made over time to establish a trend. The population consisted of all the 44 lending institutions operating in Kenya.

The influence of strategic financing options on real estate growth in Kajiado county Kenya

The researcher undertook this research study to establish the factors that influence the financing options and real estate growth in Kajiado County. The study was conducted in Kajiado County on September 2016 as census survey for all 16 real estate developers companies. The objectives were to establish how strategic financing options influence real estate growth and challenges faced by real estate developers such as escalating cost of acquiring land and bureaucracy in acquiring finances.

Who benefits from taxation of forest products in Nepal's community forests?

This paper is concerned with who benefits from taxation of forest products in Nepal's community forests. The objectives of the study are two-fold; to document who benefits from community forestry user groups' (CFUG) financing of investments in public services and infrastructure and pro-poor initiatives and to explore whether biases against certain groups in investments coincide with biases in their participation in decision-making.

An Algorithm for Identity Theft Mitigation: Keypoint Signature Verification

The existence of identity theft in society has become a major concern due to the effects it causes to those that are affected by it, more especially in the financial sector. Thus this thesis establishes the existence of identity theft issues in the financial sector loan sections and proposes an algorithm that addresses the mitigation processes of identity theft by having the signatures on the loan forms verified using the implementation of the proposed algorithm, then the results are compared with the human experts verification that are done on a daily basis.

Effects of credit policy on the liquidity of deposit taking saccos in Nairobi county

Liquidity is the ability of a financial institution or the ability of an organization to meet its financial obligation as they fall due. Liquidity is an important aspect in a company when achieving overall short and long terms financial objective while also maximizing the owner’s wealth and protecting them against the dynamics in the market. In SACCOs liquidity is important as lack of liquidity or liquid assets leads to bankruptcy as the institution will not be able cover for its cash demands as they fall due. Therefore managing liquidity is a top priority of deposit taking SACCOs.

Determinants Of Profitability Of Commercial Banks In Kenya

Commercial banks are important to the financial segment, particularly in developing economies where capital markets are not well developed and strong. Commercial Banks’ profitability is important because the soundness of an industry is closely connected to soundness of the whole economy. Profitability of the banking sector is also central as the well-being of the industry is closely associated with the wellness of the whole economy in general. Thus, a proficient and productive banking sector is able and better placed to endure negative economic shocks.

The effect of change in base lending rate on growth of micro-finance banks in Kenya

For the past few years, central bank of Kenya through the monetary committee has actively changed base lending rate from time to time. This has mostly been attributed by inflation and exchange rate. Subsequently the no of microfinance bank have risen from one in year 2009 to twelve by 31st may 2015. The objective of this study was to find out whether there exists a relationship between change in base lending rate and the growth of microfinance banks in Kenya.


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