M-shwari Loan Access and Effects on Employment and Investment in Youth-owned Mses in Ongata-rongai, Kenya

This research project sought to explore effects of access to M-Shwari loan on youth-owned micro and small enterprises in Ongata-Rongai, Kenya by establishing the characteristics of youth-owned MSEs using M-Shwari loans, the nature of M-Shwari loans accessed, immediate use of M-Shwari loans by youth-owned MSEs and establishing the relationship between M-Shwari loan access, employment and investments in youth owned MSEs. This study was framed on the theory of finance and development and guided by financial inclusion from capability approach model.

Effect of mobile money on non-performing loans of commercial banks in Kenya

Mobile money, also referred to as mobile payment, mobile money transfer and mobile wallet, generally refers to services operated and performed from a mobile device such as mobile phone, credit or debit cards; the intersection of both banking and telecommunications services. It involves a diverse set of stakeholders from both mobile phone operators and financial service institutions. Mobile money services have been defined as electronic money accounts that can be accessed via mobile phone.

The relationship between mobile money and loans issued by commercial banks in Kenya

Lending which may be on short, medium or long-term basis is one of the main services that commercial banks do render to their customers. According to Adedoyin and Sobodun (1991), lending is undoubtedly the heart of banking business. Therefore, its administration requires considerable skill and dexterity on the part of the bank management. Commercial banks in Kenya are fast embracing the mobile technology as a platform to operate on and increase not only their presence, but also their efficiency and general profitability.

Determinants of loan recovery in a student financing organization: case of Higher education loans board

The financing of higher education in Kenya has been a big challenge to the Government of Kenya, through Higher Education Loans Board (HELB - hereafter referred to as the Board). There is a growing student population, rising costs of education and an increased dependency by students on financial assistance due to the slow growth in the economy and the impact of poverty levels in the country. This is to be seen against the background of dwindling finances from the Government, who have been the main financers of higher education.


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