The effect of Credit Risk management on the financial Performance of Deposit taking Micro - Finance institutions In Kenya

Credit risk is an important factor that institutions offering services on credit should consider seriously and also invest on. A measure of future uncertainties in achieving, program performance goals within defined cost and schedule constraints. It has three components: a future root cause, a likelihood assessed at the prese nt time of that future root cause occurring, and the consequence of that future occurrence. In general when borrowers’ assets values are less than loan values, they do not repay. They exercised their option to default.

The relationship between financial innovation and financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya

This study sought to determine the relationship between financial innovation and financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya. This study took on a Quasi-experimental research design. The data collected was edited for accuracy, uniformity, consistency and completeness and arranged to enable coding and tabulation before final analysis. Qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques were used. Qualitative data will be analyzed by categorizing and grouping thematic contents through content analysis to address the research questions.

The effect of electronic banking on the financial performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya

It is expected the adoption of electronic banking services will have a positive effect on the profitability of commercial banks.The objective of this research was to measure and compare the effect of e-banking technologies on the profitability of domestic banks, how much the provision of these services affect the service quality of the banks and hence their efficiency, to assess the impact of changing from the traditional banking to the electronic banking on the banks.

Effect of regulatory controls on interest rates of deposit taking savings and credit co-operative societies in Nairobi county

This study was undertaken to assess the effects of regulatory controls on interest rates of deposit taking Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOs) in Nairobi County. Its objective was to establish the impact of SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) regulations on interest rates levels charged by SACCOs in Nairobi County. A descriptive research design was used to collect data on a population of 34 Saccos that operate Front Office Services Activity (FOSAs) licensed by SASRA.

The effects of income source diversification on financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya

This paper attempts to find out the effect of diversifying income sources of Commercial Banks in Kenya during the financial period 2007 – 2011 on financial performance. The study predicts that the level of diversification has a positive impact on financial performance. This study is significant because banks are facing stiff competition from Micro- Finance Institutions and other mobile money transfer services which was in the past a role for banks only.

Financing practices adopted by distance learners: the case of Bachelor of Education (Arts),

Distance Learning provides people in employment with the opportunity to acquire degrees through a flexible and cost-effective process. Although the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) finances higher education in Kenya, no provision has been created to finance distance learners. In view of this, over 70% of distance learners experience fee payment difficulties and another 34% drop out annually. In response to the situation, learners have adopted various financing practices, which remain unexplored and undocumented.

The effect of consumer perception on market ability of new products: the case of Kenya Commercial Banks 'Bankika' Account

Consumer perception is an important tool for evaluation of marketing strategies. The marketers are keen on checking the consumer perception towards service, quality of products, pricing, packaging and the sales promotion activities. Consumer perception depends on the relationship between a consumer and the business organization and various aspects of services provided by the company for example, quality and reliability. It is therefore important for marketers to have a profound knowledge on various factors that affect consumer perception of their products and services.

An evaluation of bank restructuring approaches adopted by the three leading commercial banks in Kenya.

Bank restructuring IS an important aspect in minimizing bank failures and in improving the financial performance of banking institutions in both developed and developing countries. Bank restructuring is usually necessitated by bank failures where it serves as a medication for restoring financial health to individual banks and financial systems. Banks also restructure to avoid anticipated negative impact on performance of the banks either as a result of the changes in the broad macroeconomic .environment or changes in the business environment.

The effect of liquidity risk management on financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya

During the early “liquidity phase” of the financial crisis that began in 2007, many banks – despite adequate capital levels – still experienced difficulties because they did not manage their liquidity in a prudent manner. The crisis drove home the importance of liquidity to the proper functioning of financial markets and the banking sector. Prior to the crisis, asset markets were buoyant and funding was readily available at low cost.

Analysis of interest rate pass-through in Kenya

Low stable inflation is virtually the main policy objective for most of the Central Banks around the world pursued in the context deregulated interest rate regime, globalization and rapid adoption of modern information and communication technologies. As a result, the interest rate channel of monetary transmission mechanism has attracted much more attention than ever before.


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