Influence Of Uwezo Funds On Enhancing Livelihoods Among Youth And Women In Ainabkoi Constituency, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

The study was carried out to find out the influence of Uwezo funds on enhancing livelihoods among youth and women in Ainabkoi Constituency, Uasin Gishu County. The Uwezo Fund in Kenya is a youth and women’s fund which has its genesis in the pledge His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta made to allocate the Kshs. 6 billion that was meant for the presidential run-off to youth and women groups.

Social network analysis for Credit Risk Modeling

The modern society quest for credit has led to an increase in consumer credit uptake with proportionate increase in default rates. Some of the current credit risk models deteriorate over time and need frequent validation. This is due to use of historical data that is time dependent. The models lack the flexibility to take into account changes in economic and other extreme events. This research considers the use of social network data to offer an alternative approach in consumer credit scoring.

Influence Of Youth Enterprise Development Fund On The Performance Of Youth-Run Businesses In Bumula Sub County, Bungoma County

Youth-Run-Enterprises (YRBs) are defined as businesses owned and run by people aged below 35 years. The performance of such enterprises continues to attract a lot of policy and scholarly attention. However, empirical evidence on the determinants of performance of youth run enterprises is limited. This limits policy initiatives aimed at improving the performance of youth run enterprises. This study was conducted to assess the influence of Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) on the performance of Youth-run Enterprises (YRBs) in Bumula District, Bungoma County, Kenya.

Influence Of The Youth Enterprise Development Fund On Youth Empowerment In Imenti North District, Meru County, Kenya

Unemployment has been a major challenge for many governments of the World. The developing countries have been most affected by this socio-economic problem. This has affected the youth more profoundly and as a result, governments, public benefit organizations, and the civil society continue to struggle in developing policies that will help alleviate this problem. Developing countries have devised mechanisms to enable them address youth unemployment that include initiation of a Youth Fund to offer credit to the youth.

The role of micro and small enterprises on women empowerment in Muthurwa Market in Nairobi

Women entrepreneurship in particular is attracting the attention of policy makers and researchers because it has been recognized during the last decade as an important and untapped source of economic growth. However, we still lack a reliable and detailed picture of the economic impact on women's entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship development among women is one activity that promises encouraging results. By motivating, training and assisting women towards independent business ventures, it may be possible to bring beneficial results in the development of a region.

A synchronic analysis of the phonological Processes of the Gikuyu vowel system

Corporate performance and management compensation: An empirical investigation of public companies in Kenya.

Agency theory regards management compensation as the main means of aligning the interest of shareholders and management to ensure sustained value creation to shareholders. To explore this argument, this study examined the components of management compensation and the associated proportions as well as the relationship between management compensation, performance and sales using a sample of 41 public companies for the period 1994 - 1998. Return on Assets and Return on Equity were used to proxy performance.

Influence of women participation on sustainability of self help projects in Rongo District Migori County, Kenya

This study seeks to find the influence of women participation on the sustainability of self help projects. The objectives of the study determine the extent to which he level of education, access to resources, social factors and communication influence the sustainability of self help groups. The study took the form of descriptive survey. Data collection was done using questionnaire. The target population was 945 which was the total number of self help group members in the district. The researcher chose a sample of95 which was 10% of the total population.

Determinants of interest rate spreads in Kenya

This paper primarily provides an econometric analysis of the macroeconomic and industryspecific factors that influence the behaviour of the ex-post interest rate spreads of commercial banks in Kenya over the last decade. A panel data estimation is carried out on the assumption that banks are profit maximizers and thus derives a condition for bank intermediation spread.

The effect of structural adjustment programmes on the university education sector in Kenya

Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) as propagated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in the 1980s in Kenya occurred against a background of the country's declining economic performance, which increased poverty levels. The SAPs further contributed to economic recession resulting in the Government reducing per capita expenditure on education among other social services. The result was the introduction of cost sharing at all levels of education in Kenya.


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